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If you're interested in board games, you've probably already heard about the popular board game titles that have been around for years, such as Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble. But there are many more out there. Some are old classics, such as chess. Others have been around for less than a decade, including one of the newest in the marketplace, Settlers of Catan. There are also some great games that have become popular at the local level, such as Uno, and even more that have been embraced by the gaming community, including Talisman.

What are the best miniature games?

Sometimes we want to play games that are quick and easy to get to the fun without a lot of set-ups. What are the best miniature games that can be played in 10 to 20 minutes?

The Board Game Galaxy's team of experts has played a lot of games and we have some recommendations:

Best Tabletop Games

Game nights are an essential part of gaming culture, and no matter what games you prefer to play, someone else is bound to have them. But which are the best tabletop games to play? This is the question we're going to answer today, with a quick look at some of the most fun and popular games out there.

We're going to focus on board games for this list, rather than card games (though we'll cover some of the best Magic: The Gathering formats near the end). And one of my favorite board games is Hunt A Killer. It's a game full of mysteries. You can read the full Hunt A Killer review on Diceglory, where they dive into the seasons and 

Board games typically require more effort to learn and set up but have a longer lifespan and more strategic depth than most card games. That said, card games can be great fun, and if you're interested in the subject, check out our article

Best Card Games

The good people at Geek's Galaxy have decided to help with our quest for relaxation by creating a blog that focuses on the best card games on the market. Instead of trudging through the thousands and thousands of games on the market, they've simplified it for you by creating a list of the best card games to help you find something that's just right for you.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to play a game of Cards Against Humanity with some friends. This wasn't my first time playing, but it was the first time I noticed how addictive it really is. I couldn't stop laughing, and the next morning I couldn't stop thinking about how much fun I had. Before I knew it, I bought my own copy and taught my friends to play. Unfortunately, my friends weren't as impressed by the game as I was, and they quickly lost interest after the novelty wore off. I, on the other hand, became obsessed. I thought about it during class, during my commute to work, and while I was on my lunch breaks.